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Self-Confident Sandy

By Sally Huss

With Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Let your child's imagination soar by joining Pinky and her friends on a doodling and writing adventure! Pinky draws and doodles on everything even though she’s told she shouldn't. One day, she meets a writing bug who believes in her and brings her doodles to life. Together they let their dreams fly and help each other be their best.

This book is perfect for children learning to read and parents who want to share the joy of reading, writing, drawing and dreaming. Pinky Doodle Bug is full of light-footed rhymes and delightful illustrations that are sure to make this wonderful tale an instant favorite.

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Elizabeth on Diane Ray's
"I Can Do It Hour"

Remember. Sometimes you must ramble, wander, explore, talk, connect, share, trust and more to get to your point, mission or whatever it is you seek. Trust yourself. Keep going. Never give up. 

Love, Elizabeth

In Loving Memory of James F. Hamilton

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