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Thank you for being here with me.  My goal is that if our lives touch, we are both our best as a result.

My mission in everything I do is to raise awareness - to inspire you to embrace the inner love, gifts, and talents that create the essence of who you really are - and to challenge you to share this uniqueness with the world. I founded Best Ever You to create a trusted community to discover, or re-discover your authentic, best self - to create a vision and practice that vision, to really live - where each moment in your life matters. Our goal is to assist you to connect with your true self, to others around you, and to the world as a whole, in peace - for peace. Your highest-best-self and best-life mean making a commitment to yourself to become healthy in all ways - mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally.

My own journey has been full of curveballs. My ability to Percolate & be my best, combined with strong family and friends and a never give up attitude, all guide me.  In my life, I love anything and everything cats, have 3 rescued cats, an 80 pound Labradoodle, bake and donate chocolate chip cookies, follow baseball, gymnastics, and am an avid photographer, as well as consumer of pizza.  I do a lot of yoga to combat my pizza habit.  I'm also not so great around Macy's with any type of charge card, particularly near the shoe department.

Thanks for visiting me and I hope you enjoy reading about me and my life.  If you have any questions, please just email me.  If you see a typo, you can email me that too, LOL.

Minnesota is my home state, however I spent most of my younger years in Iowa. Growing up, my parents owned The Movie Stores in Iowa and Illinois. During those years, I devoted most of my time to gymnastics, tap dancing, cheerleading and school.  At the age of 13, I attended college taking Biology, earning an A in the class.  Continuing, I graduated a year early from Pleasant Valley High School in 1987 and enrolled at The University of Iowa.  During this year, our family business financially collapsed. A bit lost, I entered a pageant for scholarship money and was crowned Miss Iowa Teen in 1988. In 1989, I enrolled at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa to pursue Journalism and Communications.

While attending school full-time, I worked for Sam's Club and WQAD.  In,1991 I graduated with honors from St. Ambrose and relocated to Burnsville, MN to be near my parents, who had moved to Minnesota to be near my grandparents.

From 1991-1999, I worked for Merrill Corporation in the Financial Services Industry as a Regulatory Compliance Director.  During this time, I helped implement and test the EDGAR system nationwide with the Securities and Exchange Commission conducting seminars, technical training and more.

In 1998, I had a near-fatal allergic reaction. In 1999, I had another near-fatal reaction, this time, while pregnant with our 3rd son Cam. Since these moments, I have lived my daily life with life-threatening food allergies to all tree nuts, peanuts, fish and shellfish. As a result in 2006, I began working with MedicAlert Foundation, was featured in a book called One of the Gang and co-founded Food Allergy Zone with Brian Hom. My mission is to help us stay alive and thrive with food allergies. I am now a spokesperson for FAACT. Visit FoodAllergyZone.

In 2004, we moved our family across the country to Maine. As parents of four young men, we have been fortunate to raise them in the Falmouth Schools here in Falmouth, Maine. Now 18, 20, 22 and 24, they are each accomplishing their goals and dreams, as they discover unlimited possibilities. Our son Connor is a buyer for Performance Food Group.  Quinn is a graduate of Plymouth State with a degree in Meteorology.  Cam attends New Haven and is a lefty pitcher for the New Haven Chargers and plays for Saugerties in the collegiate leagues.  Our youngest son Quaid attends RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology).

Just about 12 weeks after we moved to Maine, my dad, James F. Hamilton had a stroke. 2005 was very blurry going back and forth between Maine and Minnesota to help my family.  While in a rehab facility, during a speech test, my dad, who appeared to be sleeping and tired, rattled off a list of inspirational words.  This moment, mom's never give up approach, and my own values, goals, and beliefs became much of the foundation for The Best Ever You Network and my book Percolate, which was published by Hay House on 4/14/14.

In 2006, I was crowed Mrs. Maine.  I dedicated my year to two major platforms: Stroke Awareness and Children's Literacy, having worked with Maine Reads for several years.  A journey of my year as Mrs. Maine is recorded here: Mrs Maine 2006

In 2008, during a miserable stint at a financial services job, I wrote the business plan for The Best Ever You Network.  Within a few short years following, we were recognized as a Top 100 Mom-owned company, a finalist in the Shorty Awards and are verified across social media platforms.  The Best Ever You Show has over 2 million downloads and is syndicated on iHeartRadio, Spotify, iTunes and more.  The show continues to air live on Blogtalkradio as well.

In 2011, I was crowned Mrs. Maine International.  I dedicated my year to heart and stroke awareness.  At the national pageant, I was awarded the Go Red for Women National Award for the most money raised for Go Red. 

After 2011, I decided to grow my online platform and write a book.  Presented with a few offers to publish my book (and several more rejections!) - I signed with Hay House to publish PERCOLATE - Let Your Best Self Filter Through.  Percolate was released side by side with Gabby Bernstein's book on 4/14/14. I'm very proud to be an author with Hay House and every day I learn something new about the book publishing world and the readers and fans in the self-help industry. Percolate is a very helpful guide to help you make transformative change in your life. Percolate continues to Percolate globally and I have joined The Author's Guild.

My love for interviewing others continues as we've aired over 500 radio shows now on The Best Ever You Show. 2019 finds us with over 2 million downloads and now syndicated on Spotify, iHeart Radio, iTunes and we air live on Blogtalkradio.  I'm so grateful to all of our guests and listeners. Our show was featured in the Portland Press Herald.

These collective experiences make it increasing important to remind us all that more than ever we all need each other. Remember - Many, of all ages, carry around varying levels of grief for varying reasons. Be kind to all you meet. With that said, I believe it is very important to think globally and understand the elements of compassionate leadership, because we are all leading and learning from each other at all levels and moments. We are life-long learners and collaborators with endless possibilities.


As the CEO of Compliance4 and The Best Ever You Network is it important to Lead with Compassion: Compassionate Actions & Interactions. Compassionate Integrity. Compassionate Listening.

I'm proud to be included in this Global Leadership Conversation.

I'm honored to be the recipient of the FINEXT Award to Excellence in Financial Services Leadership. I'm a proud Leadership Advisor for the Olympia Snowe Leadership Institute as well and will be attending Harvard Business School online beginning in January 2020.

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Remember. Sometimes you must ramble, wander, explore, talk, connect, share, trust and more to get to your point, mission or whatever it is you seek. Trust yourself. Keep going. Never give up. 

Love, Elizabeth

In Loving Memory of James F. Hamilton

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