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When you’re in charge of hiring the right speaker, spokesperson, commercial voiceover, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, or more, your task is more art than science! It's a delicate assignment. Rest assured, whether your audience wants to be inspired, challenged or entertained, I have plenty of material for a customized keynote, workshop, luncheon, or after-dinner speech & more!

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Change Management

Organizational Change

Change Your Life

The Ten Points of Change

How to Manage Change

How to Think about Change Differently

How to Be Your Best

Food Allergies

Navigating Life as an adult with Food Allergies


How to network with your podcast

How to develop your following with your podcast

Financial Services


Social Media Compliance

How the world of compliance is changing

Sample Reel
Companies I've worked with
Preston, Gates & Ellis
Dewey Ballantine
Merrill Corporation
The Securites and Exchange Commission

Best Ever You Global Summit
Best Ever You Women's Conference
Amonda Rose Conference

and more
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