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Meet Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
Bestselling Author & Founder/CEO of Best Ever You

Hello and welcome! I'm Elizabeth! I founded Best Ever You in 2008. I am a bestselling self-help and children's book author, and master life coach. I help people root in gratitude and compassion to navigate change, and breakthrough to your best success. I also serve on the Forbes Business Council and am the CEO of Compliance4. 


New Book!
The Success Guidebook

How to Visualize, Actualize, and Amplify You

Stop chasing outdated concepts of success!

Author Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, master life coach and founder of The Best Ever You Network has long espoused that we must redefine success for our authentic selves—a one-size fits-all-concept is not only outdated but unworkable. Success is so much more than data or the dollars in our bank account. True success is reflected in the smiles that brighten our faces and the peace that settles in our hearts. It's the gratitude we seek in all things and the intention and actions being our very best in each moment.


Five-Time Award-winning Bestseller The Change Guidebook

If you are seeking change and want to align with your highest purpose, the power is in your hands.

The Change Guidebook - How to Align Your Heart, Truths, and Energy to Find Success in All Areas of Your Life

Many of us know we need a change, an overhaul of the way we “do” life. We feel the need to move forward but we aren’t sure where to place our feet to take those first steps. There are countless manuals for bettering our lives, but we crave something that will truly help us to change for the better once and for all.

The Change Guidebook ends the search for self-help that works, serving as a life-long companion guide and resource to complement your life. It offers ten points for making a change or adapting to unforeseen circumstances and allows you to become a change master by using the provided solutions to change, grow, and become your bravest and boldest self. These points are a process that you can engage in and turn to in times of need, crisis, or to alter your life's course.

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Elizabeth's Bestselling Children's Books


Bestselling Author

Hi! I'm Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino. I live in Maine and am a bestselling, award-winning author of multiple self-help books and children's books. My personal and professional growth books on the topics of change and success help you manage change and create success in all areas of your life, while rooted in gratitude and compassion.

I have helped and trained individuals and organizations around the world navigate chance and success to be their best and achieve world-class excellence with gratitude and compassion based behavior and belief systems. 

Founder of Best Ever You

I founded Best Ever You in 2008 and have been helping people across the globe be their best. Visit to access my tools and resources to become your best. Join us!

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Certified Master Coach

Start your journey to a breakthrough in your personal and professional life with me. I'm a a master life coach who will show you how to root in gratitude and compassion to navigate change and breakthrough to your best success. I also train people to become certified life coaches if you are interested in starting a coaching career.

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  • Author interview, appearance, book signing

I have appeared on hundreds of radio shows, podcasts, TV interviews and conferences.


It's time to redefine success personally and professionally! As a guest speaker I provide audiences with the necessary tools to root in gratitude, navigate change, and redefine success personally and professionally.

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Align Your Heart, Truths, and Energy
To Find Success in All Areas of Your Life.