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If our lives touch, my goal is that we are both our best as a result.  I believe that it is critical to encounter each person you meet with grace, elegance, kindness, gratitude, and a spirit of collaboration. You never know who needs you in that moment, how you touch their life, or how much you might need them. I have helped thousands around the world at all levels, be their best. I hope you will take time to read my books and explore all of the incredible opportunities we have waiting for you at

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A Life Advice Column

with Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

This advice column, featuring Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino answers your burning questions.


Take Elizabeth's love of all things Betty White, add a sprinkle of Erma Bombeck, top with the sense of humor, being MOM to four sons (five if you count her husband of over 20 years!), and you have "Ask Elizabeth".


Ask Away. Laugh Away.  Ask Elizabeth!

Ask Elizabeth
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