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Best Ever You Poem

Best Ever You

Along the journey and way

Life will put you to the test-

How you take it matters and it’s important

To be your very best.

To make the most of time and love

And leave all the rest…

For surely you can’t take things back

In your life’s quest.

There’s sickness, tragedy, pain and death

That you will most certainly see-

These are all growth moments

If you can find the strength and just be.

There’s joy, gratitude, compassion and health

That you can find…

If you look so very closely

And leave your troubles behind.

Discover your worth and your love

With grace, elegance and passion,

Blossom ever so beautifully

In life’s perpetual fashion-

Treat others with kindness, dignity and respect

Instead of trampling in never give up and thoughtless ways-

Perhaps another’s win

Might be your very best day!

Hold another’s heart

As if it is your own-

Honor it, cherish it, and be peaceful

From this all will be known.

So in this lifetime ask yourself

Am I making the most of each day?

Ask yourself this, perhaps, moment-to-moment

Before they fade away.

Peace within is what’s in store

For those willing to see light in the gray-

Inner peace is something

That never fades away…


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