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Life with the Zoom Lens On - Be Your Best

I'm bringing my blog "Life with the Zoom Lens On" back. I sort of want to rename it to Life with the Bloom Lens On, but we will see.... :)

Yup that's me, nestled in my favorite Rhododendron in our backyard. Winter seems endless in Maine, which is why we go to South Carolina, LOL, but I watch this plant all Spring to see wait for it to bloom.

I needed some new pictures for my website and book launch and honestly, it gets harder and harder in my 50s to want to do photos. There are just so many things to worry about, including people's mean comments in social media if you post or say the wrong thing. That aspect of life paralyzes me sometimes, as I watch comments on other people's photos that I consider gorgeous or authentic. People can be really mean.

However, today, I said, I'm going to be my best! My husband helped me as I awkwardly surrounded myself with the blooms of this plant. It brings me joy and I hope that shines through the wrinkles and whatever else comes with age 55.

Do more of what you love. Don't be afraid. Be Your Best.

Of all the people in the world, I think my friends Jackson Olson and Jesse Cole of The Savannah Bananas might like this post. We will see....

Thank you to my husband Peter for taking this picture. :)

Love you all,


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I required fresh images for my website and book launch, and truthfully, as I enter my 50s, I find it increasingly challenging to muster enthusiasm for photography. doodle baseball

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