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Breakthrough to Your Best Success

Join Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and the contributors from The Success Guidebook and other special guests to Visualize, Actualize, and Amplify You and Your Success


This conference will help you:

  • Redefine success

  • Transform your goals

  • Embrace change

  • Design and realize your best life and much more!​


With a lineup of esteemed contributors from The Success Guidebook and special guests, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for achieving their goals and living their best lives.


Redefining success, transforming goals, and embracing change are essential steps on the journey to personal and professional fulfillment. This conference offers a platform for participants to engage with experts, learn from their experiences, and apply actionable techniques to design and realize their visions for success.

June 25-28, 2024 (Free Replays)

Virtual Event

Streams Live





Jun 25, 2024, 11:00 AM EDT – Jun 28, 2024, 10:00 PM EDT

All times listed are eastern.


Day 1:

Merril Hoge, 2pm eastern

Brian J. Esposito, 4pm eastern

Gary C. Laney, 6pm eastern

Lisa Gable, 8pm eastern


Day 2:

Dr. Ivan Misner, 2pm eastern

Coach Edwin Thompson, 4pm eastern

Rhys Olivia Cote, 6pm eastern

Michael McGlone, 8pm eastern

Jennifer Vaughn, 9pm eastern


Day 3:

Ric Keller 11:30am eastern

Linda Pritchett, 2pm eastern

Kate Glendon, 4pm eastern

Emily A. Francis 6pm eastern

Amy Lyle, 8pm eastern


Day 4:

Julie Ann and Helen Polise, 10am eastern

Mitch Gaylord, 2pm eastern

Tina Sloan, 4pm eastern

Kelly Browne, 6pmeastern

Liz Brunner, 8pm eastern

Publisher's Weekly Review of The Success Guidebook


Focusing on families, friendship, careers, trust, learning from your mistakes, and forging a step-by-step path to happiness, this rousing release from Hamilton-Guarino (author of Best Ever You) is an uplifting, tip-packed guide for people looking to handle change, visualize goals, find success, and overcome challenges to achieve their dreams. Hamilton-Guarino draws on inspirational testimonials, personal anecdotes, and clear-eyed, achievable advice broken down into numerous subcategories and “Success Tips” (#14: “Surround Yourself with Awesomeness”), all crafted to illuminate the long road to self-improvement. She emphasizes throughout that success isn’t one size fits all, identifying ten key factors that play into it (“Imagine, Believe, Focus, Plan, Ask, Network, Collaborate, Sustain, Adjust and Celebrate”) while sharing a wealth of advice to help readers face their fears and mistakes as they strive for their goals. 

Hamilton-Guarino personalizes the material with exercises, journal prompts (“write freely about how you wish to be remembered”) and other tools crafted to help readers discover their own routes and destinations. She emphasizes collaboration throughout, noting, in one of the many “Stores from the Heart” case studies, that entrepreneurship “requires collaboration, shared wisdom, and a humility that allows for learning from others.” The emphasis on collaboration may surprise readers raised on the myth of the independent genius entrepreneur, though Hamilton-Guarino’s treatment of the subject is nuanced and includes the advice that collaborations can become bitter without mutual respect.

Some material here will be familiar to self-help readers, and The Success Guidebook occasionally is repetitive, though Hamilton-Guarino’s enthusiasm is infectious. She writes like a coach or a friend, someone who has been through what readers might be facing and offers advice born out of experience. Her attitude toward the relationship between money and happiness is interesting, as she recounts learning money’s value the hard way, via a lack of it, but also proposes that money (nor “status, awards … or famous contacts in your phone”) is the key to happiness. Her comments about resilience (“resilience and determination can overcome even the toughest of setbacks”) are especially upbeat and hopeful.


Takeaway: Upbeat guide to charting one’s own long road to success.


Comparable Titles: S.S. Bawa’s Visualizing Success, James McCrae’s The Art of You.


Production gradesCover: A-Design and typography: A-Illustrations: N/AEditing: AMarketing copy: A


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